20 Special Rules of Yoga and Pranayam 2021

Friends, today yoga is making its mark not only in India but all over the world. The importance of India’s ancient heritage is recognized all over the world. And she has adopted yoga (Pranayam) to keep herself healthy.

So today we are going to tell you some special principles of yoga and pranayama, which will be beneficial for you to adopt.

Rules of yoga and pranayam

1- Friends, when you are in the early stages of yoga, remember that yoga has been done under the supervision of an expert. And unless you are fully trained, do yoga alone.

2 – If you have any questions about yoga, be sure to ask a specialist.

3 – The best time to do yoga is in the morning. From sunrise to half an hour, from one hour to sunrise, this time has a special benefit.

4- Whenever you go to yoga, your stomach should be perfectly clean.

5- To read about the benefits of yoga, it is necessary to practice it regularly. There are no special benefits to yoga for just one or two days.

20 Special Rules of Yoga and Pranayam 2021

6- To do yoga, always choose a place that is clean, airy, clean, and flat ground.

7- It is better to do yoga on an empty basis, it should be placed on the floor, yoga mat or vada, etc.

8- Pranam and Yoga should be empty.

9- Remember that Pranayam and yoga should be done only 2 hours after eating. Immediately after eating. Only Vajrasana Yoga can be done later.

10- Eat or drink something after half an hour of yoga.

11- During yoga, urination should not be stopped in any other manner such as drowning in the body.

12- Whenever you go for yoga and Pranayam, keep in mind that you should do Pranayam and yoga before and after.

13- Keep the difference between two different pranam or yoga sessions for 1 to 2 minutes.

14- After completing yoga, breathe for 5 minutes.

15- If you have any kind of problem or you are sick, you should consult a doctor to do yoga.

16- Women should not do yoga and pranayam during periods.

17- If a woman is pregnant, she should seek the advice of a yoga specialist and a doctor.

18- Yoga is very important for peace of mind and concentration.

19- If you suffer from headaches, dizziness, or other problems, if you have any kind of yoga, it is advisable to consult a yoga specialist or your doctor.

20- In the initial stage should not be more than expected. Gradually, it is advisable to increase the duration of yoga. Otherwise, doing more than expected can be harmful.

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