Ancient Federal Computer systems have been found. A Complete Information.

Federal Computer systems, Inadequate capacity and outdated equipment make it difficult to overcome weaknesses. Who will fix it? Congress? Many people are also questioning the problems of the Congress.

Aging federal computer systems

Computer errors
The White House directive calls on federal agencies to address hundreds of online threats, including a number of cybersecurity threats. According to current and former national technology leaders and industry analysts, the directive is due to the government’s old computer system.

But efforts to improve these systems are being suppressed through budget cuts. In addition, chronic shortages of talent also play a role, as do the doorsteps of institutional information technology executives.

The Biden administration issued the order on Wednesday.

The Biden administration has denied that Microsoft Corp. Comes from previous versions of software or other major technology companies. Organizations cannot update these and other programs. Significant protection from complex and systematic attacks in recent years has destroyed public and private sector systems.

Michael Kratsios, CEO of Scale AI Inc., a data management startup and chief strategist. Before that it was President Trump’s federal business. Mr Kratius said the move was “very important”.

This directive applies to all administrative agencies and departments except the Ministry of Defense, the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Intelligence Agency. Count about 290 vulnerabilities identified by cybersecurity experts.

Computer disruption is “a major threat to federal business.”

Weak computers

Many weaknesses have been identified this year. “Some include Microsoft Office.”

“You think most organizations are already solving this problem,” he said.

According to the directive, the deadline for resolving the most serious risks is November 17, 2021, and for more serious cases, May 3, 2022.

The solution is six months away, even though it was discovered a few years ago.

According to the State Accountability Agency (GAO), the Cyber ​​Security and Computing Department estimates that the software used in the federal government is about seven years old. This includes the 35-year-old Department of Transportation, which includes sensitive information about aircraft, and the 50-year-old Department of Education, which has student loan information.

Most government agencies (in 50 states and other countries) have older computer systems.

This makes it difficult to manage complex and expensive IT infrastructure. In some cases, they rely on manual actions. “International Data Corporation.” Adelaide O’Brien, director of research at the Department of Government Concepts, said.
A spokesman for the agency said the Office of Management and Budget was concerned. However, they know that the current system is a major challenge for agencies. This includes additional cyber security threats.

Patch distribution

This guide covers a wide range of cybersecurity threats. However, the spokesman said deployment of patches could be complicated by supporting key operations with existing infrastructure.

Federal agencies must comply with the Federal Information Security Administration Act 2002. Daniel Castro, vice president of information technology and innovation in Washington, D.C., said federal agencies must already meet certain information protection standards under federal law. Information Security Management Act.

Castro said Wednesday’s announcement was “somewhat surprising.” “It’s very strange that this is a sign.” “It asks the federal government to fix the cybersecurity system with some weaknesses.” They said. “Of course.”

He suggested updating the old system of government instead of formulating a new policy. Mr Castro said the new designs were working harder. Most cloud-based systems do not require users to manually install patches.

Digital strategy

Jonathan Album ServiceNow is a digital high-end IT strategy for enterprise software company. He said federal agencies were taking “bold steps” to upgrade their heritage system despite all obstacles. The album notes that some agencies are using the government’s four-year Technology Modernization Act to redesign their IT budget funds to fund future modernization projects.

The album, released by the Biden administration, states that “this may force more federal agencies to modernize and improve cybersecurity.”

Senator Maggie Hessen (DNH) said she was pleased with the White House order. He described cybersecurity as a “new frontier” in the war.

“We know we have work to do,” Hassan said. He chairs the Senate Subcommittee on Risk and Expenditure Control.

Taxpayers are still at odds with lawmakers over the issue. But there will be no need for additional compensation attacks to start a popular uprising.

The NSA should also be involved in system upgrades.

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