Apps for spiritual Guidance/ My Favorite Apps for Spirituality, Meditation, Wellness

APPS FOR SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE: We can watch and listen to news from around the world with just one click. As man progressed, the mysteries of the universe began to unravel. Technology is becoming part of our lives. Today’s man is in search of something new and new every moment of every day. Man needs technology as well as spirituality to make this journey memorable. Like a spirituality hidden in the darkness of night. In the same way, some people, inspired by spirituality, thought of resorting to technology. Some intelligent people have introduced some apps which have made the journey of spirituality easier. Today we will talk in detail about the apps for spiritual guidance.

1 Jiyo App

Deepak Chopra has been the founder of the mobile app since the beginning of Geo. Their app is usually available on iOS and Android. Chopra and his co-founder Poonacha Machhaya have been talking about Geo for some time, but today the app is generally available on iOS and Android. Permanent work after a long flight, or meditation and other routines that can improve your sleep. And things that will help you live your life spiritually. With a rating of 4.4, it’s one of Google’s best apps.

Only premium uses

2 Spirit Junkie

Straightforwardly and spiritually, Gabby Bernstein is a spiritual person whose app continues to inspire you throughout the day with impressive affirmations. The idea is that you can consider this confirmation, repeat it throughout the day, or set up reminders to view and let you get back to the center. You can also scroll through past affirmations to find someone who matches you. It can be your meditation mantra, or you can share it with your friends to help spread spiritual love.

3 Dayoneapp (Day One Journal)

A magazine with a rating of 4.2 will also be available for free on the Play Store. It makes your daily tasks much easier. This is truly a great and unique app.

4 Happy Not Perfect

This great app of Google App is going to come in handy with 10K Plus download. Download it quickly, and make the journey of spirituality easier. Designed to change the way we take care of our minds, the Happy Not Perfect app contains simple steps to calm you down. It encourages you to check yourself, takes a breath, let go of your worries, let go of kindness, creates mental distress, empathizes, and feel good about someone else. Sounds like a pretty damn happy place.

5 Keep Yoga

I’m pretty new to this app but I love it! The layout is amazing, easy to implement and very easy to use. This app is great for starting yoga and practicing anywhere. The various projects are easily labeled as yoga level and this makes it easy for both beginner and regular yogis. The Explore section is amazing and allows many different yoga series to help with different aspects of life.

6 Daylio (apps for spiritual guidance)


This is an amazing mood tracker, easy to use as well as fun. All you have to do is click on the face that matches your mood to track your mood. You can change the word under each face or leave it as it is to match your expression. Within the app you can review all your entries in months and use these statistics to gauge your mood, you can easily export this data to a document.

This app is nothing short of a miracle for a pregnant woman. I like this app because it not only tracks your mood, you can save your mood as well as an item or text with the help of which you can add some more details. You can set up reminders that I find very useful because it serves as a reminder to remind yourself and evaluate my feelings.

7 Gaia (apps for spiritual guidance)

My life will change when I find Gaia, it’s just full of interesting documentaries and series. It is bursting with information that can help you on your spiritual journey. One of the things I really like about Gaia is that it allows you to find spiritual teachers and people you may not have heard of and to allow you to do more research in your time. Allows It has plenty of Tai Chi and Yoga classes that you can complete and stream from your phone. For the sick, it is both a way and a way to pass the time.

8 Brain Focus Productivity Timer

BrainFocus is a time management application that helps you get things done. Based on the Pomodoro technique by Francisco Cerillo, this simple app helps you focus and maximize your productivity. Basically you choose a job and decide to split it into 4 work break sessions. Then, after 4 work sessions, you will have 1 long break. With the help of this app, you can choose the length of your work session and the length of short intervals and long intervals while taking full humor of spirituality. your productivity.

9 The Kindness App

A beautiful app with about 100 exciting challenges that you can do every day. The best thing about this app is that the developer is doing it with his heart. He doesn’t make any money from what he doesn’t do. Features include a list of skills you can perform each day, audio exercises to help you build empathy, and the ability to document and revise your progress to start an empathy challenge; And offer your kindness to others.

10 Kiva

This app is a helping hand to others around the world. For a minimum of $ 25 per month, you can automatically support a business worldwide. Spirituality involves helping others, and this app gives you the opportunity to make a difference. In this journey of spirituality, if you find happiness from anywhere, it is your duty to pass it on to others.

11 Worry Box

Unfortunately, this app is only available in the Google Play Store, but this is an amazing app if you are constantly experiencing anxiety and worry. Indicate what you are really worried about and look for different ways to think about them. Whether you’re worrying about something you can’t control or something you can’t, you can regain your energy in transforming your abilities. The app even has relaxing audio that will help you handle stress more efficiently.

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