Foods to Avoid with Braces

Foods to Avoid with Braces: While you visit the orthodontist for taking the braces in London for teeth straightening treatment, you will be advised to avoid some foods. Have you ever thought about why is it asked to do so? There is an outstanding significance or refraining from such foods. It will accelerate the treatment procedure so that you can obtain the desired outcome on time.

Otherwise, there will be declination of dental health along with damage to the braces which will hinder the effectiveness of the treatment. This blog entails the foods which you should avoid during the teeth straightening procedure. Read on to know them.  


Why some foods are to be avoided with braces?

Food restrictions are given during any teeth straightening treatment for protecting both dental health and the braces. There are several food items that damage the bands, brackets, and wires of the braces which play an important role to correct the teeth’ position.

Once, the braces get damaged, you have to make an unexpected visit to the orthodontists to repair them. It is both wastes of time and money. Moreover, if you leave the matter untreated the treatment procedure gets hindered. That’s why you have to fix the broken or loose braces as early as possible so that they can continue with the progress of the treatment procedure.

On the other hand, with braces, you may find it difficult to consume some foods as well. Sometimes kids also feel excruciating pain when they try to consume any wrong or restricted food items with braces on their teeth. Other foods are so sticky that they can stick into the braces and be jammed there. These will lead to the occurrence of tooth decay over time.

Sugary foods

Limit the intake of sugary foods as it improves dental health including overall health as well. Otherwise, it influences the accumulation of bacteria which will lead to tooth decay. You should also avoid the consumption of sugary drinks like juice and soda as well.

But if you can’t control your craving, you may enjoy limited sugary foods that are soft and non-sticky. It is always advised to brush the teeth right after consuming any sugary foods for the complete removal of sugar from the teeth’ surface.


Crunchy and hard foods

Crunchy and hard foods possess the potential to damage the braces. It includes hard candies, popcorn, raw vegetables, nuts, hard chips, and hard cookies. It is also hurting to chew on these foods with braces on teeth. Even if you consume these food types, you may feel the need for braces readjustment. Therefore, soft foods are much better during this treatment period.

Crunchy foods can bend wires, bands and loosen the bands and brackets of the braces. Moreover, if suddenly any food pieces get stuck within the braces, it is difficult as well as painful to remove it. On the other hand, if left untreated for a long time, it will lead to tooth decay. Cooked vegetables, puffed, and soft popcorns can be the best alternatives during this time.

Chewy foods

The gnawing of the chewy foods with braces is quite difficult. Therefore, thick pizza, bagels, chewy rolls, hard bread, and beef jerky should be avoided as they can loosen specific braces parts. As a result, it will make the braces less efficient, and may end up visiting the orthodontist again.

Foods which are bit by front teeth

Do you love to eat corn on the cob or chicken wings? Before relishing these favorites know they affect the teeth straightening treatment. As it needs front teeth to bite up these foods, it can damage the braces too by bending its wires or loosening it entirely. At that time, it will be far more challenging to bite on these food items with the front teeth.

There is a possible way to enjoy these food items. Rather than entirely cutting them off from the diet chart, cut them into small pieces by a fork. Both corns can be cut the cob and chicken wings off the bone. Even cut down the whole fruits like pears and apples and enjoy the pieces much comfortably. 

Sticky foods

Not only for overall dental health but also for braces sticky foods are really harmful! It can get stuck within the braces and enhances the chance of potential damage. Gradually, over time it will end up with tooth decay. Hence, sugary gums, chewing gums, fruit roll-up snacks, licorice, gummy candy, caramels, and taffy should be strictly avoided during the treatment period.

Staining foods

Several drinks and foods possess intense color which can result in staining of the braces. Grape juice, beets, berries along with acidic drinks can cause teeth staining. Rather than affecting the efficiency of the braces; it affects the appearance of the mouth by making it less impressive.

Non-food items

Certain non-food items are also there which are especially chewed by the kids. Chewing of such objects such as pencils, pens, fingernails and lots more can damage the braces and it will break the protective shield of the teeth. Ice cubes chewing are also considered harmful at the same time. 

While you visit an orthodontist to put on the clear braces in London, you should make up your mind to avoid the above-mentioned foods. Otherwise, it would result in potential damage to the braces and decline your oral health as well. You should always stay in touch with the orthodontist while undergoing any teeth straightening procedure.