Cell phone effects on Health

CELL PHONE EFFECTS ON HEALTH: Excessive cellphone use has a devastating effect on our lives. Which affects people from all walks of life.

A1) weakness in terms of seeing

  1. Using too much
  2. From the very near

2) create distance between family

  1. all the members use mobile in separate room in free time
  2. Addicted with mobile on dinner table

3) using too much phone create health problems

  1. Sleeping disorder
  2. Headache 

Inventions (Cell phone effects on Health)

Every piece of equipment that has been discovered in the modern century has both negative points of view as well as positive. It depends upon the individual in which perspective he/she wants to use, if a person uses for time being it may prove beneficial for a person. Using any equipment for a long period of time is always harmful to health.

Mobile phones are one of them. It will prove beneficial if we use it only for specific problems. It will prove harmful if we use it for useless things. There are a lot of effects that a person gets due to many smartphones such as weakness, in terms of vision, creates distance between families, overuse leads to health problems.

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Eye effect from cell phone


cell phones affect the eyesight of a person. Most of the time people use mobile phones nearby. This effects people’s eyesight which is why nowadays many adults, as well as children, wear glasses, at a young age they are unable to see and work in the dark because they use their smartphones for too long. Use with high brightness. Therefore, using too many smartphones affect human health.

Many times, smartphones create distance among family members, most of the time people have spent their free time by using mobile and useless social media applications instead of spending that time with family members. On the other hand, numbers of years ago people were more intelligent and genius because of the conversation and communication they communicated while eating dinner and busy thinking about business careers. However, in the modern world of today, all the members of the family are busy on mobile that’s why they cannot spend time with family members.

People have lost their creative level of mind. Therefore, using too many smartphones creates a distance among family. It also destroys the connection between the people of your family.

The devastating effect of cell phones

As we all familiar with the negative point of view of mobile. That is too much using of smartphone that also builds a different type of diseases. Which most frequent disease that found in young age people is a headache and another one is a sleeping disorder. Using too many cellphones affected the brain of people and that also damages the nervous system of people. That cause headache and that cause difficulty in proper sleep. Hence useless mobile using will become a reason for you becoming ill.

In short, using too many mobile phones can lead to illness and effect our internal affairs. Such as a disconnection from family members and relatives. It also creates many diseases that are very harmful to our health. So, we should be aware of the problems that are created by using too many mobile phones.

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