Christopher wanliss Discovered A Gold Mine On His Land

Everyone wants to buy a new house or land. Christopher wanliss was also curious when he saw an advertisement in a newspaper. He thought of buying this land. Christopher wanliss began to dream before he bought the land. He did not knew what was going to happen to him. He consulted with some of his friends and relatives before buying a new property.

Hired the agent and after some necessary action, the land will be his. However, some of his friends had advised him not to take that land. As Christopher began to walk around his new property, he realized something strange. He saw something completely new to his. Christopher sees a tunnel somewhere in his land, from here his curiosity increased then he remembered his friends who forbade him to take that place. What can happen now?

Extreme distress (Christopher wanliss)

More troubling now was that Christopher wanted to go inside the tunnel, but he was too nervous to take the risk. With a little courage he opened the tunnel door, and entered. However, he was startled by the sound of a flying bat. Her heart stopped beating due to fear. He will never forget that terrible moment he saw inside the tunnel. And today, many years later, these moments still hurt Christopher. The agent did not tell Christopher about the tunnel when he bought the land.

Was it a gold mine? or something else

Christopher wanliss Discovered A Gold Mine On His Land

When Christopher returned home to pick up his safety equipment, the flashlight returned with some essentials where he had panicked.  It was like an adventure for him, yet he was nervous. After going a little further in the tunnel, he saw stone walls. A lot of tunnels were coming out of this tunnel and he became more confused. It seemed to him that these were underground railway station or train lines.

Chris saw the walls glow, he realized he was actually going to the gold mine. Her gold ear! As Chris was contemplating embedding his newly discovered treasure in the walls, he realized that he had gone deep into the tunnel and still could not see the end. Then, he realized he wasn’t alone in that ear!

Then, out of the blue, he heard some noise in the tunnel. Thinking that someone was inside, Chris went deep into the ear after the noise. It looked like it was made by machinery, so Christopher called and decided to announce his presence so as not to scare anyone down. He just heard his echo

That’s all, so deep in the ear, Chris had a weird feeling. “The ambient temperature suddenly drops around me at this time, and I felt an even more negative presence in the tunnel,” he said. Was he imagining things?

After digging a hundred and fifty feet into the tunnel, Chris decided to call her back one day. As he turned to the door, he saw the light of day shining back on him. It was a peaceful afternoon until Chris saw the chains running through the tunnel as if he had his own life!

As soon as the chains were moving – they moved like no wind, Chris got out and went back home! He then asked for more information about the property and to see if the experience was just in his imagination.

“When we went to ask about the place, we were finally told that the property was in immovable places. Christmas said that at the turn of the century there was a lot of mining in these hills, and a lot of small There are mines. He talked to the agent, who promised to send someone to inspect the mine. Then, something strange happened!

Christopher wanliss Discovered A Gold Mine On His Land

Chris was then contacted by Mr Rodall, who had previously been with the real estate agent. Together, they went to the cave to inspect the spark walls. When Chris finds out that this is indeed a gold mine, where the miners have not finished their work. Why did they give up the ear? Did they even realize that there was something closed about this place?

Chris didn’t bother me, so he decided to take his flashlight and move 600 feet into this ear. There, he found a door and as soon as he opened it, he realized that he was looking at the rubble. Only it wasn’t really wreckage!

Looking like trash, it was as if someone had used this secret room as a seat! Chris noticed a temporary bed spread, among other things. When he picked up the flashlight, he glanced at the walls where he saw some scratches. It was as if they had taken nails. And then, he saw a message on the other side of a wall.

The message was hard to understand and as soon as Chris felt another rush of cold air and a metal sound reached him he knew he had to run back home!

As soon as he heard the madman, Christopher wanliss knew that the ear had not been abandoned for no reason. All the negative epidemics and noise inside answered him: The gold mine was covered. To get rid of everything that bothers Chris, Chris finds out on Google that he has encountered it.

Chris grabbed the camera and dared to face whatever was in his ear. Arriving at the entrance, he began to take these pictures. Deep down, all of a sudden, the chains began to sway. Her courage left her and Chris couldn’t take her anymore.

Chris realized that his extraordinary activity was terrifying to him and decided to sell the property, no matter what. He even let his mother take care of the sale, not wishing he could live another one on this land! Was Christopher witnessing extraordinary activity or was someone really living inside me…

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