CollegeHumor meets the central representative for talent.

The online humor website CollegeHumor has joined one of Hollywood’s most prestigious talent agents, The United Talent Agency. UTA is regarded as one of the top reps for talent and has notable stars such as Harrison Ford, Ben Stiller, Johnny Depp, and the Olsen Twins on their client list.

UTA has also earned a reputation for launching itself onto the Internet to search for talented individuals and representing “lonelygirl15” Jessica Rose, one of the Internet’s most popular stars. We reported in July that UTA had joined forces along with Spot Runner to form 60 Frames Entertainment, an online production firm, and they run UTA Online. This department is specializes in locating talents via online video.

According to CollegeHumor, their website is visited by six million unique users each month and has more than 20 million page views.

The site was first established in 1999 to provide a place for the repository of humorous content found on the Internet — and copyright is not an issue The site has since shifted to producing a lot of the content it owns and is responsible for a lot of the most memorable viral videos over the last few years. The majority of these are NSFW However, I’ve added one of the more moderate videos below.

CollegeHumor is currently publishing two titles on sale and is partnering with MTV Films as part of the deal for a feature film with Paramount.

I find it quite funny (no, no pun meant) that all of the major media firms are attempting to go online (in the last two days, our blog on network last100 has covered NBC and ABC developing new strategies or online services) and small-time web content creators like CollegeHumor, Jessica Rose, or Andy Samberg are figuring out ways to be offline.

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