COVID-19 Relief Program: Facts vs. Fiction

COVID-19 RELIEF PROGRAM: In Pakistan, while we battle coronavirus and adopt the prevention techniques, misinformation about the right cure flies around in many circles as we speak. It is time to comprehend, understand, and communicate. In this article, we try to separate facts from misleading information to get some clarity on it.

The COVID-19 relief programs by private companies have become a notable aspect amidst the chaos that the nations suffer from. It is a positive indicator of the good times to follow. What is needed is patience more than anything else to prevail unequivocally across the board.

According to a report released by Johns Hopkins University, we have a list of facts and myths below. Let’s differentiate between what is right and what is not!

COVID-19 virus is not a living organism

By dead we mean, the virus is not a living organism. It is a protein molecule with a thin layer of lipid (fat) protecting it. What happens is when a person comes in contact with it, it starts to change the composition of cells.

Scientifically speaking, when it gets absorbed by the cells of the ocular, nasal or buccal mucosa, mutation starts to occur. Soon after the genetic code changes, the harmless cells convert into the aggressor and multiplier cells.

It decays on its own

The second fact that we have for you is that since it is not a living organism, we can not kill it, but we can wait for it to decay. That’s all we can do until we find a permanent cure to counter the deadly effects of this organism.

It is fragile

The virus is fragile, i.e. only a thin layer of fat protects it. The remedy to wash hands for 20 seconds or more is to make a lot of foam because the foam CUTS the FAT. Therefore, keep a healthy supply of soap bars for your wash areas.

The heat helps neutralize the fat

The heat helps melt the fat; a temperature of 25 degrees is the recommended temperature to wash hands, clothes, and everything else. Additionally, hot water speeds up the disintegration process of the virus by producing more foam.

Bleach dissolves protein

One-part bleach and five parts water are powerful enough to dissolve protein, to break it from inside.

Coronavirus is not a bacterium

As said in the start, coronavirus is not a living organism. Bacteria, on the other hand, is. Hence, you cannot kill it with antibiotics, but only destroy it with the above methods.

Never shake sheets or clothes dirty or freshly washed

While the virus is attached to the surface, it is inert and destroys only within 3 hours (on clothes & sheets); 4 hours on copper as it is a natural antiseptic; 4 hours on wood because it sucks all the moisture and kills it; 24 hours on cardboard; 42 hours on metal; and 72 hours on plastic.

On the contrary, if you shake the sheets or use a feather duster, the virus floats in the air for 3 hours and can get into your nose.

The coronavirus (COVID-19 relief program) allows us to mitigate the health risks by supporting individuals and families whose sole income is disrupted from the lockdown.

Cold is where the virus is

Cold weather is good for it where the molecules remain the most stable. Air conditioning at home or the cars are places where it can lurk around. They need moisture to survive and nurture in darkness.

Therefore, look for an extract, dry, warm place that has light. Selly’s COVID-19 relief cell brings you this information from authentic sources like the Johns Hopkins University and the World Health Organization (WHO).

UV Light breaks it down

UV light is an enemy to this virus. If some object has a virus on it; or, it is directly exposed to UV light, the virus molecules disintegrate. However, don’t prolong your stay under UV rays because they break down collagen too, in the skin, eventually causing wrinkles and skin disease.

Vinegar is not helpful

One of the misinformation out there is the use of vinegar to destroy the virus. It doesn’t break the protective lipid layer on the virus.

Healthy skin does not let it pass through

If your skin is healthy with all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals; the virus is unable to get through it.

Confined and open spaces

The more confined a place is, the more virus molecules there can be. The airier the place is, the less.

Wash hands frequently – Instruction as part of the COVID-19 relief program

Make it a habit of washing your hands, especially after touching mucosa, food, doorknobs, switches, locks, remote control, phone, computers, laptops, TV, microwave ovens, stoves, etc. Forget not to wash your hands after a trip to the bathroom.

Make use of thick moisturizer

After washing your hands frequently, there is a need to HUMIDIFY YOUR HANDS DRY because the water molecules can hide in thin cracks. The use of thicker moisturizer eliminates the threat.

Nails to be cut short

It is a good idea to keep them short and tidy during the outbreak. Coronavirus can find a place beneath those long nails. We don’t want to take the risk; it’s not worth it.


If you experience flu-like symptoms, we’ll be coming up with guidelines to practice at home in the upcoming articles coming straight from a doctor. The national helpline for Pakistan is 1166. In case your symptoms intensify with each passing day, consult medical assistance on that number. In the meanwhile, Selly’s Corona pandemic relief program produces content that helps the affectees deal with it properly.

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