Dealing with Atelophobia in the modern digital world

Atelophobia, In a modern digital world where all aspects of life are online and open, Kamal opens up new perspectives:

By promoting individuality and diversity, some people fear perfection. This so-called athelophobia paralyzes, destroys digital productivity, or worse, forces you to talk too much about your abilities, income and identity.

In other words, these people are making online reality more enjoyable. Not because they want to deceive subscribers, partners, or future employers. (Although such situations are normal.) Instead, it may be due to an unreasonable phobia.

The downside is that autophobia prevents people from avoiding social and business activities, growth and success in the digital world. They are afraid to look bad, do bad things or say bad things, so they do nothing but keep quiet and fail. A few tons of emotional stress and anxiety.

Thus, autophobia can not only harm our lives and health but can also affect our physical and mental health. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get rid of them in the digital world, and without them it is almost impossible to live a productive life online.

What is Atelophobia?

Of course, autophobia is the fear of perfection. Some people may talk about perfection, but psychologists and psychologists point out that it is a meaningless fear of seeing a flaw or defect. Atelophobia, realizing that everything we do is wrong, motivates us to quit, avoid negotiations and challenges, and choose a more stressful environment than the risk of failure.

Etophobia does not come close to obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety, or similar mental disorders. It has nothing to do with interference or embarrassment.

Unlike other dynamic phobias of external objects or situations, it comes from the excitement of autophobia. For example, suppose I am afraid of snakes, so I know that the only thing I can do to avoid this phobia is to stay away from them. Possibly, if I’m afraid of my shortcomings, I put that fear everywhere, but I can’t stop worrying.

What I want to explain is:

Atelophobia is very difficult to diagnose, and some people may consider its symptoms to be another symptom. That’s not the point. This disease should be avoided and treated if necessary to avoid adverse health effects.

Three signs that you may be an Atelophobia.

Autophobia involves physical and psychological symptoms. The first includes:

  • Headache
  • Muscle tension
  • Dear
  • Dry mouth
  • Stomach pain
  • Shake
  • Hyper ventilation
  • Nausea

Second, the psychological symptoms are as follows:

  • Lack of concentration
  • Delay
  • Feeling weak
  • Stopping
  • Extreme anxiety and terror
  • Looking for peace?
  • Double check your case for errors.
  • Instability
  • Fear of losing control

Of course, when you feel stressed and physically weak, you can’t call yourself an “atilophob”. Just remember to behave and especially try to use the components of emotional intelligence, self-awareness and self-expression. By doing this you can see the following three symptoms.

1.Your impossible standards

Your slogan is, “Do you want to do nothing but make mistakes?” It seems. Have you learned all the creative ways to avoid problems and situations that scare you? Do you often delay and wait for a better time to work? Are you always looking for flaws?

High self-esteem can be a sign of athelophobia. While self-criticism is sometimes justified, applying and imposing your impossible standards in any situation can be a challenge at work and in your personal life.

  1. Fear of crime
    Many people are afraid of mistakes, but there is a big difference between being excited but doing it and going through a state of panic. If the other is your situation, then you have a problem.

Try to understand how strong your reaction to the idea of ​​perfection is. Can you control if necessary? Of course, you may not like to talk in public and get excited at first. But it is your nature, not your nature, that frightens and frightens you of failure.

  1. Avoid daily activities.
    Some people find it difficult to call or talk to others because they are shy. But shame is not something that prevents a teacher from e-mailing, writing professional messages to colleagues, or publishing a book – drafts will never be enough and they may spend days or days thinking about how to write them. Go . . Better
Another example:

You should avoid cleaning your room as it will not be clean anyway. You avoid meeting your friend at university because you feel you are not feeling well after graduation.

Causes of Atelophobia and the health problems it causes
This defect can be biological, which is why your genetic traits are so sensitive and perfect. However, it is often the result of some traumatic experience in childhood or adolescence.
Let’s just say that my parents only encouraged me in the upper class and demanded perfection from me. I also faced harsh criticism from teachers and negative comments from my peers at school. There could be any of these reasons. Besides, no one taught me to tolerate and accept mistakes.

People who regularly encounter others also suffer from atrophy. This is especially true in the digital world, where we see “successful” people using social media to their advantage. Of course, it’s a good idea to have a guide or role model to impress you and encourage your personal growth. But there is peace. The urge to confront others is discouraging. After all, he will always be a better person than we are.

Autophobia includes headaches, heartburn, respiratory problems, weakened immune systems, skin problems such as dehydration and eczema, decreased libido, etc. The reason may be. Causes many health problems.

In today’s fast-changing digital world, too much effort for perfection can lead to sleep deprivation and memory problems. Physical but physical health aside, these worries destroy our productivity, growth and success: we permanently rework everything in the hope of better results, or we cause “enough perfection” Give up and we never get anything.

Is there anything we can do about it?

Overcoming autophobia is not easy. Like other phobias, it needs treatment like psychotherapy. The specialist helps to relax and bear the imperfections of our lives.

Exposure therapy and cognitive behavior therapy are two things that can help you fight this phobia or at least control its effects. The first helps to deal with fear and the brain to react less aggressively. Second, it changes our negative thinking and behavior.

Energy psychology, meditation, and group therapy can also overcome Atelophobia.

Bring food
Atelophobia, the fear of perfection in itself, can have a detrimental effect on personal and professional life, physical and mental health, and general health. Appearance does not depend on the appearance of the individual. Certainly, however, this can be a big problem for people with certain internal traits, as they can interfere with some common traits and ignore them.

To do this, we need to pay attention to the problem, listen to ourselves, and avoid seeking professional help when needed. Psychotherapy and meditation can help manage Atelophobia better.

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