Effects of COVID-19 and RAMZAN-2020 IN PAKISTAN

RAMZAN PAKISTAN: As you, all know Ramzan is arriving soon, which brings us a very blessed message especially for Muslims. This month only awaits the two kinds of people; the first kind of people, in fact, gather their blessings from this holy month, and as far as the second kind of people is concerned, they are only living in this world and drive the hereafter to the brink of destruction.

ramzan and coronavirus
Written By: Syed Touqeer Haider

In the same way, Allah takes away all those who do not benefit from his respite, but as soon as Ramzan he opens the doors of his mercy.  Every virtue and worship performed during this month is rewarded manifold, so those who are particularly favored by Allah spend a moment in their worship and virtue.

We, as Muslims and as Pakistanis, live in a state where this month is seemingly very happy and considered, but the opposite is true. You have to guess this a few days before it starts when you go shopping in the markets. It is also important to say that the proportion of such people will be very high.  In fact, its blessings will end.

Well, now we also have some mention of this corona spreading on the global level because we are also the representative of the Muslim world since every corona has to end one day so, one question that arises is “What will this nation do after the end of #Corona” I know very well what the world will do, Italy, the country most affected by this corona, its people will go for worship and going to the villages will ask for forgiveness of their sins and regret the death of their loved ones and have similar engagements. 

And other countries will do the same. You are well aware that the outbreak has affected the entire world simultaneously.

On the contrary, if we talking about Pakistan, then this is not going to happen because the people of the country who are cutting each other’s throats even during this deadly outbreak, where everything with Corona is multiplied several times. 

And the money received from the world in the name of aid has not been fulfilled in the justice of the world; 

So what can be expected of such a nation, what is the definition of punishment in your eyes?. The point to note here is that those who make themselves available to Allah after making illicit profits are not ashamed.

What they expect from Allah, it is not short for them to live in this epidemic so that they can still ask for forgiveness.

On the other hand, if the whole world is talking about all the countries, besides the beloved ones, have greatly reduced their prices in delivering all the goods used in the festival to the masses so that people can celebrate their festival with full passion, may your happiness blossom.

On the contrary, in our country storage, illicit profits, high prices, and quality reductions, reduction in measurements, and the means of earning this holly month are earned so much that if nothing happens all year long can live well.

In the end, it is only a prayer that Allah will save the entire universe from the plague-like coronavirus as soon as possible and forgive us our sins and at the same time, allow us to worship the most in Ramazan and avoid evil deeds, and also give our rulers the guidance and guidance of Allah so that they can make better decisions for this country and its people. Elahi Ameen

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