Ella Balinska On Her Role As The BFC’s New Patron 2021

Ella Balinska has been accepted by the fashion industry since she entered the mainstream in 2019 as Jane Cono, a re-enactment of Charlie’s Angels by Elizabeth Banks. The pages of British Vogue, 24, have picked up the most fashion darling needs list in recent years to deal with the Met Gala and the front row in Couture, Paris. Now, he is ready to give back.

The actor, who is currently shooting for an undisclosed project in South Africa, joined the British Fashion Council as the founding patron of the BFC Foundation charity. “It’s really an honor,” she tells British Vogue via video from her temporary home. “I remember going to the Fashion Awards for the first time in December 2019 2019 in Awards, and I was enchanted by the talents and energy of the whole event. I had a table away from Rihanna.

The charity will support tomorrow’s fashion talent, focusing on grants and guidance. “I want to be able to give other people a chance to go there and you know it’s going to be celebrated that way,” Ella said of her role, which would be beneficial for her as well. “I have my craft, which is working, but I’m learning about the other love I have. I’m excited to dig deeper.”

Ella Balinska

Ella Balinska is well-placed for this role. “I feel like I really have a 360-degree view of fashion,” says Ella Balinska, who was a self-employed sales assistant in her teens. “I know what goes through Fashion Week, from all kinds of products to stores, and so on. Then, on the red carpet, the pattern on the set, the whole thing. What I have achieved is respect for the work that goes on behind the scenes. I think in a way I am a victim of it.

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