The Great civil engineer joseph bazalGette 2021

JOSEPH BAZALGETTE: That was about two and a half hundred years ago. Between 1750 and 1810, London had a population of 1.5 million. At that time it was the largest city in the world in terms of population. Roads, markets, and residential areas could not cope with the pressure of the people, there was no sewerage system, there was a septic tank in front of every house, there were 200,000 sewerage holes in the city and these sewerage holes kept boiling in the morning and evening.

The sewage flooded the streets, the rain poured the sewage into the River Thames, and then the metropolis dumped the water into the houses, and the citizens drank their sewage, which lived in the basement of the city. Were these parts of the house often filled with drains or sewage that had turned into disease, and in 1831 a cholera epidemic broke out, killing 55,000 people. Dirt and stench reached inside the House of Commons, salty effects were visible on the floor, walls, and pillars of the British Parliament, curtains of the House of Commons were soaked in stinking water, members of the Assembly came to the assembly with handkerchiefs on their noses.

joseph bazalGette

The situation was unbearable so the government decided to rectify it. Different experts gave different suggestions but these were all temporary treatments. The government wants a permanent solution. However, this responsibility was handed over to Joseph BaselGate. Joseph BaselGate, the Metropolitan’s chief engineer, intelligent, understanding, and long-term policymaker, surveyed, collected data from everyone, asked each person how often he goes to the washroom, then the usage and number. Multiplies, multiplies, and then multiplies this data by pipes? Began laying sewerage system in London.

joseph bazalGette installed a treatment plant ten kilometers from the city connected to the city’s sewer line coast plant, the sewage is clean and then the rivers have clean water in tumbles dollars, London’s sewage problem is always gone. Joseph’s system of natural, complete, and glorious government took place in the 1960s, with the rise of real estate in London in 1960, apartment towers, and tall buildings, the number of tourists increased tenfold.


The government believes the city has a sewerage system. Pressure has been planned and the metropolis has been forced to expand, but the mayor is surprised to learn that Joseph BaselGatte had no system, only pressure. Nor did it stop its flow. The Joseph Basel Gate system was later incorporated into the system by the United Kingdom and then France, Germany, and Spain in all major European cities.

These countries treat sewage water and send it back to homes and this water is reused incommodes. Today, ninety percent of European homes have two water lines, the first line supplies clean water, people use this water. Drink and cook with it while the other line contains treated water, this water is used in bathrooms, toilets, laundry, lawns, and garages, governments in Europe also collect water bill from every household, bill Water also adds to the habit of austerity and increases government revenue.

joseph bazalGette is benefiting from the idea of ​​a power gate. joseph bazalGette did something that will be remembered forever.

Nature gives man many opportunities. It is up to man to decide when and where to use these opportunities. People like Joseph Bijl Gate have made a name for themselves in the world and have proved that man can do a lot if he has the passion and passion to do something. He also did many impossible things and saved humanity from suffering. Thanks to joseph bazalGette, London today is living a life of dignity and splendor. Click on this link for more information.

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