BREATH PRAYER: We are very slow in-breath prayer. People of different religions prayed in different ways according to the teachings of their respective religions. Our affairs, our way of life, have a profound effect on the acceptance of our breath prayer. Hazrat Yunus (as) was a very chosen servant of Allah. When Hazrat Yunus found himself in the belly of a fish, he thought he was dead.

But when he realized that he could still move his legs, he prostrated Allah where he was and then cried out  ALLAH, you have led you to a place where no one else has been before. and say And none is worthy of worship but You, Glory be to You, and surely I am of the unjust.


Although this is not a well-known practice, then the prayer of breath is very important for our life. Just as no living thing can survive without water, so our life is incomplete without prayer. Just as it is a fact that we are created by someone and one day we have to appear before Him after we die, so the breath prayer is very important to us.

Some religions believe that God exists somewhere around us in human form. Which Paul describes in 2 Timothy as “God breathed.” Even the words “spirit” in Hebrew (Roach) and Greek (sample) – the two languages in which the Bible was originally written – also mean “breath”. Breathing seems to be important not only for our physical existence but also for our spiritual nourishment.

Today we all know that praying without praying with desert mothers and fathers is considered a way of meditation and fundamentalism, desert mothers and fathers took a small part of the Bible.

 Breathe with the first part of the text with s and breathe with the next part with h, and repeat this period for a long time. . No text has ever done so, but the most common script used for the prayer of the breath was “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.” This is what people of the Christian faith believe.

Over time, the accompanying text and prayer became known in the Eastern Orthodox tradition as the “Prayer of Jesus” or “Prayer of the Heart, In short, Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me,” or simply Jesus, even the breath prayer of mercy, began to move beyond the use of the Scriptures, becoming a way of calling on God’s name and asking for help in just a few short words.

With the scientific knowledge that we have today on the effect of deep breathing on the mind and body, mind, and spirit, it is not surprising that this form of prayer is slow but certainly. Changed those who practiced it. Science tells us that our brains are constantly changing and that what we focus on is shaped. For example, when anxiety breeds anxiety, focusing on peace creates a sense of peace. We also know that deep breathing has a direct effect on the part of the brain where the pressure resides, which stimulates our nervous system to slow down and eventually melt in the present moment.

When we combine the positive reinforcement of the mind with deep meditation through the phrase meditation, which calms the body and centers the soul, we are less reacting and more accepting of God’s presence in the world. Are Breath prayer is indeed an exercise indeed for the body, mind, and soul, and when the way is clear for you to remain in Christ (spiritual and physical unity), it also makes Christ a place to dwell in you. When you practice your practice, you will know that even after your prayers are over, the effects of prayer will remain, your sense of God’s presence is as close to you as your breath.


breath prayer

Breath prayers are as informal as they come, requiring only a simple sentence and the breath you take with you every moment of the day. Although it is undoubtedly valuable when practiced in silence and solitude for long periods of time (scientists say that 12 minutes of deep breathing each day is enough to turn the mind into a calm timer using the Insight Timer) This can be done in the meantime. Everyday tasks, such as washing dishes or traveling to work, whitewash even the most mundane moments of the day.

Choose a phrase. Or it could be a verse from the Qur’an or a line of praise (a common formula is a name for God followed by what you desire, such as “soul, peace”). You can also use the inner breath to name what you want to receive and the outer breath to indicate what you want to release.

Breathe in and out as soon as the first part of your prayer comes to mind with the inner breath and the latter half is connected with the outer breath.

Continue your prayer for a certain period of time or until you feel that you have reached the feeling of inner silence while living in the presence of God. Prayer can be anything, for example, like, O Allah, forgive me, O Allah, forgive me. Recite this sentence from the heart, keep reciting it all the time while sitting up.

Yahweh Breath Prayer

The Jewish name for God – Lord – was not spoken, but breathed. The correct pronunciation is to try to mimic the breath and the sound of the breath. We do this every moment: our first and last word when we enter and leave the world. One of the things we do every moment of our lives is to say God’s name. When we enter and leave the world, it becomes our first and last word.

Breath Prayer For Anxiety

Some examples of popular breath prayers include: “Dear God, I am yours,” “God, show me your ways,” “God, please help me,” “God give me more faith,” “God , My light, guide me, “I want your will, God, and” my trust is in you. “

My god forgive me Surely I am of the unjust. I am your sinful servant, so forgive me with the charity of your Beloved.

I am stuck in the mire of sins. Now have mercy on me.
“Muhammad’s charity have mercy on me”

Choose something in your relationship right now that is especially meaningful to you.


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