The Importance of Employee Happiness in Marketing your Business

IMPORTANCE OF EMPLOYEE: There are a few universal truths in the business world. One of them is that happy and satisfied employees work harder, achieve impressive results, and remain loyal to the company. Employee satisfaction and happiness at the workplace is the driving force behind employee communication, productivity, and engagement. Besides, happy employees are the best advocates your brand can have.

As much as employee happiness is crucial for business, there is no universal strategy to help you make your employees happy. Every employee differs when it comes to their needs. Their uniqueness is what makes the strategy challenging. Here is some advice to help you get started.



Employees have many qualities and skills. One of their many valuable traits is creativity. When we say creativity, it doesn’t mean they are good at making presentations or portfolios. It is so much more than that. They come up with great and innovative ideas and problem solutions. However, their creative side doesn’t come out that easily.

If they work in a hostile and toxic workplace, it is highly unlikely they will share their opinions and ideas with others. On the other hand, if they are satisfied with their job and working conditions, they want to see it thrive. For this reason, they will do what they can to help their company succeed. This means, contributing with their skills, knowledge, ideas, and experience. Your employees are the ones who know what your customers really want and need. They can become creative and invent products and services that will meet their needs perfectly.

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Brand Ambassadors

When you have skillful and qualified employees, you don’t need to hire people on the outside for marketing purposes. You can make your employees a part of your marketing strategy. The employees will take your marketing efforts to another level. This method will only be successful if you share the organization’s mission clearly and directly with your employees.

Thanks to highly advanced technology, you can inform them and remind them of your company’s vision through an intranet portal or any other employee app you use. To promote the brand’s products or services, employees have to know what they are marketing exactly and to whom. Besides, they have to feel like a part of the team and the company. Otherwise, they might not participate in any marketing activities. Forcing them to promote the brand is fruitless and pointless.

High Employee Retention

Unlike a few years ago, newer generations of the workforce tend to switch jobs more often. They look for jobs with high salaries, flexible working hours, challenging tasks, and a good work-life balance. As soon as their job stops challenging their skills, they become dissatisfied and unhappy so they quit. This is why most companies struggle with turnovers.

Not only do turnovers cause shakedowns inside the company but also outside. You have to find their replacements, while employees that stay in the company start feeling demotivated. If your company has high turnover rates, it negatively reflects on its reputation. Customers might start to wonder what is going on with the brand. On the other hand, if you have high retention rates, and satisfied employees, you will attract customers easier. They will want to be treated the same way and share satisfaction the brand brings with your employees.

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High Productivity and Profit

IMPORTANCE OF EMPLOYEE: Reliable sources and studies suggest happiness and productivity are connected. Happy employees are also productive employees. When your employees like their job and get along with their coworkers, they have all conditions they need to excel in the workplace.

They take on more tasks, meet deadlines, actively participate in all projects and activities in the office. Also, they are more likely to help out their colleagues when they see them struggling with professional or personal matters. Cultivating such as positive culture and constantly improving working conditions affect your profit. Happy employees like to talk about their job and take pride in their company. Without realizing it, they spread positive messages about the brand which can attract potential customers. As the customer base expands, your profit inevitably increases.

Training Opportunities

What most employees want and need to be satisfied with their job are training opportunities. They are aware of the fact that the business world changes regularly. That is why they want to grow professionally, master new skills, and gather valuable experience. With no chance for progress and space for learning, they will soon become disgruntled and leave. As a manager, you can provide as many opportunities for professional development as you can.

This will not only help you retain your workforce and have more qualified employees but also effectively market your business. When your employees have everything they need to be happy with their work, they transfer their positive feelings to customers and clients. Seeing how happy they are will make the customer want to feel the same way too. They won’t have any other choice than to become loyal members of your customer base.

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