Lawrence Brown Journey From Atheist To Muslim-2020

Lawrence Brown Journey From Atheist To Muslim-2020

His name was Dr. Laurence Brown. He was born into a Catholic family. According to Dr. Lawrence Brown, he never became a Christian after regaining consciousness. He became an atheist and did not believe in any GOD.

Not only was he the best heart specialist in the United States

There was no other doctor in the United States who could match him.

He lectured all over the world.

His duty was at the best hospital in the United States, where Ronald Reagan was immediately shifted after being shot.

This gives an idea of the importance and facilities of this hospital

But this most important hospital and its facilities one day stood helplessly in front of him.

It was 1990 when her second daughter, Hina, was born.

The baby was moved straight from the liber room to the operating theater because she was born abnormal.

She had a defect in one of her arteries that prevented her from getting oxygenated blood, and she developed “Gun Metal Blue” from head to toe.

According to Dr. Lawrence Brown, I was a doctor myself and I knew what was wrong with my daughter, her body was dying because she couldn’t get oxygenated blood.

The treatment was to rupture the artery and replace it with a graft.

But first, there was no guarantee that the operation would succeed.

Secondly, even if this grafting is successful, grafting will have to be done again after two years.

That’s how Lawrence Brown daughter came with a life span of at most two years, and I couldn’t tear her apart as a father in her current state.

For this, a team was formed under the leadership of a very qualified doctor.

Lawrence brown started packing and went to the “Prayer Hall” adjacent to the operating theater.

There was no sign or monogram of any religion in the room, nor the Kaaba, nor the church, nor the image of Mary and Jesus, nor the David Star of the Jews, nor the trident of the Hindus.

Where they prayed according to their own beliefs during the operation.

Until his patient was transferred from the operating theater, this room was previously nothing more than a “psychological dose” for Doctor Lawrence.

But today he was on his own, according to Lawrence Brown “I got what I wanted at all costs, whether it was with money or influence, words like ‘no and impossible, they were not in my dictionary.

But today I was helpless. The police station could have done nothing but scientific equipment and my money could not have saved my daughter’s life.

Lawrence Brown raised his hand and called out to the invisible being he had always denied.

Creator, if you really exist, then you must know that I have denied your existence to this day.

But today my daughter has brought me to your door. If you really exist, please help me.

Reasons have answered. Now, if anyone can save my daughter, only her maker can save her.

Only he can correct the fault that created this girl.

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O God, I sincerely promise you that if you correct my daughter’s fault, I will study all the religions and adopt your favorite religion one of them and I will be your slave all my life.

This is my promise to you. Dr. Lawrence Brown made this promise in good faith and got up and went to the operating theater.

  But by the time Dr. Lawrence Brown arrived in the operating room, the atmosphere had changed.

Instead of chaos, there was peace and contentment, the team leader turned to look at Dr. Lawrence Brown and said the girl no longer needed surgery.

The blood circulation has been corrected and the scientific reasons for the accuracy of what the blood was giving are being shown on the machine.

Dr. Lawrence Brown looked at the rest of the team, not trusting their eyes or faces.

We knew these were just words, not real names, but Dr. Lawrence Brown knew that my contract had been ratified by the creator and that the arterial defect was immediately corrected by the same creator.

Earlier, my first daughter’s bar also received a hint from the creator that was positive. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. Dr. Lawrence Brown’s first daughter, Christina, surprised me by holding my hand and standing on both legs the same day she was born. But I did not understand.

 Doctors know very well that it is impossible for this to happen, but I did not recognize the Creator in this impossibility, so the impossibility of another daughter tied me up and brought me to the door of the Creator. In 2014, my daughter was admitted to the university.



Dr. Lawrence Brown remembered his agreement very well, so he started reading books about all the world’s religions.

He also read all the books, including Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, and Judaism, and talked to his scholars.

But no one had the answers to Dr. Lawrence Brown’s questions. Islam was his last option. So he started reciting the Qur’an.

And as he read the Qur’an, the windows of Dr. Lawrence Brown’s heart and mind opened. He repeatedly asked Christians and Jews who was the third, along with John and Jesus, to whom the Torah testified.

And the Gospel is also given, but they used to go to the left and the left. They are the last prophets sent by God.

And so Islam came into Dr. Lawrence Brown’s life and he is a good Muslim today.

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