How to Make Your Android & Apple Devices Work Together – 2021

Both Android and iOS devices have their own sets of advantages. Therefore, whenever there’s a debate about which one is better, there is no clear answer. This is because both of these systems have their own strengths and weaknesses. You may want to utilize the benefits of both operating systems for a variety of purposes. It’s not like the definite decision you make when subscribing to cable TV connections. There, you have a clear choice between options like Spectrum cable, and others.

On the other hand, you may not want to choose between iOS and Android OS devices. Then, you can get both devices and help them work together. This may seem intimidating, especially as these devices have their own systems and accounts. You’ll have to go through some extra effort to synchronize them, but the results will be well worth it. You’ll enjoy the best of both worlds, and have an excellent experience with your apps. Here’s how you can make your Apple and Android devices work together.

Pick the Platform You Prefer

First of all, you need to determine which platform you personally prefer. This will create the base for your further synchronization activities. In addition, it won’t be possible to treat both devices as exactly the same. Therefore, see which one has more of your data, where you’ve stored most of your information, and which apps you use most often.

This will help you make the decision, and choose a primary device. Then, you can transfer what you can to that device, and see what important features are in the other one.

Consider Each Platform’s Limitations

Leading on from the last point, you should definitely go over each platform’s limitations. See which apps are exclusively available on each platform. Then, familiarize yourself with these apps and see how they differ from their counterparts on the other system. If you rely primarily on Google apps, you can easily work with either an Android or Apple device as your primary one.

However, if you rely heavily on Apple apps, then you should probably stick to the iOS device. This is because the only Apple-exclusive app which works on Android devices is Apple Music. Therefore, you should go over system and app limitations and prioritize your devices accordingly.

Install Your Google Apps on Your Apple Device

Google apps are extremely versatile as they work quite well on both iOS and Android devices. So, if you use Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Drive, then you should install these apps on both your devices and log into the same account. This will help you synchronize your files and systems, making it much easier to use both devices.

Google automatically takes your data and uploads it to the cloud, so you can access it on any device you’re logged into. Therefore, you should try and make your Google account your primary way of storing and sharing files. This way, you can easily synchronize your data without any hassle.

Open Apple Data on Your Android Device

This step will require a bit more work. While you can integrate your Apple data into your Android device, you have to go through a few extra steps to do so. Here is a rundown of how you can import your Apple email, contacts, and calendar into your Android device. First, you’ll have to log into iCloud and export your data.

Apple email: Go to the Gmail app on your Android phone and press the menu. There, click Add account and add your Apple credentials.

Contacts: On your Apple device, go to Contacts, select all of them, and click on the cog on the bottom left. There, choose ‘Export vCard’. Then, open Google Contacts online, and import the saved file.

Calendar: Click the share button to the right of your Apple calendar, and then select Public Calendar. Copy the link you see there and open your Google Calendar on a web browser. There, click the plus icon on the left, and press ‘From URL’. Paste the URL there, and then you can sync our data.

Go For Multi-Platform Apps

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of syncing data from different apps, try changing what apps you use. Go for neutral, multi-platform apps which don’t have any system limitations. Options like Dropbox offer just that, with no issues with functionality.

Netflix, Spotify, and Skype are other apps that work equally well on both systems and can sync their data, regardless of what devices you’re using.

Use Cloud Storage

Try to use Cloud storage to make your life easier. You’ll be storing your data online rather than in restrictive local storage. In addition, you should enable your apps to automatically store data in the cloud as well.

This way, you’ll be able to access the data regardless of what device you’re using. Furthermore, you should not pay for multiple cloud storage. Instead, take your pick between Google and iCloud, and stick to it.

In conclusion, it is possible to use your Apple and Android devices together. You just have to do a bit of effort, and then you’re good to go.

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