Prayer is an important part of the lives of the followers of Prophet Muhammad.

Practice praying is an important part of the lives of the followers of Prophet Muhammad.

It is a way of communicating with the Lord of Glory, the Creator of the universe. Our religion, our great prophet, tells us that one day we will have to appear before our Lord. As Muslims, we are also intercessors for the people in our lives. Not only Muslims but all religions on earth will be instructed to pray. Prayer is an important spiritual discipline in our lives. Most people find it very difficult to follow.


Practicing prayers is something that people try hard for, but soon give up. Try to make time in the day. Try to establish a relationship with your Lord on your sit your knees at this time.

The Jews prayed three times a day to please the Lord.

Morning, afternoon, and evening. The book of Jewish Prayer (it’s called a siddur) contains special services for him. The Jews believe that regular prayer helps man to establish his relationship with God. But, still, most things get better with practice. One of them is the practice of prayer.

Practice Of Prayer In Christianity

The practice of prayer is that Christians talk to God. Many Christians believe that prayer is the source of God’s grace and guidance.

Christians think of prayer as a two-way communication that provides comfort because God is listening and can send messages back. The people of the Christian religion have set aside one day a week for Sunday, on which many people gather to praise their God and practice prayer.


Allah has given a clear message to the Muslims that ask me to prayers again and again and I will give it.

I like to pray, especially when there is trouble, when no one is with me, I like to reach my God through my prayers.

It seems easy for me and very difficult.

Why is it so difficult to keep track of a place?

And especially to think of your God and ask Him. Repeated practice is required to ask for prayers.

Most people ask us to pray for something, but we never write it down or remember to actually pray for something we need.

By writing it down you can keep an eye on what you are praying for and see how God answers prayers. One of my favorite things to do is to go back and see God’s faithfulness and His hand in overtime work.

 When you keep a record of the requests you are praying for, it is easy to see what he is doing.

If you feel calm and able, get down on your knees or prostrate on the floor while you pray.

When you confess your sins to your God, pray to Him in tears, you will feel very light.


practice praying


Give thanks to Him for creating you with a healthy body, creating such a large universe, and giving you all kinds of facilities.

They are giving you a good provision.

Repeat for him what they want most in the universe.

They like to hear your praise from your mouth, they want to see how much you thank Him.

Don’t just ask God to work for you. Acknowledge who he is and what he has done.

God cares about the details and wants to know what’s in your heart.

(Reciting) the Quran at dawn is witnessed. [2:238] “You shall consistently observe the Salat (Contact Prayers), especially the middle prayer, and stand before God in submission.” 50:40] “During the night you shall glorify Him, and after prostrating.”

Sometimes you pray to your God for something, you ask for it again and again, but they does not give it to you. Do you know why they does that?

Because they know better than you whether things are better for you or not. So don’t despair, just keep praying to Him with the belief that one day they will hear all your prayers, wrap you in His arms, and remove all your sorrows and pains from your life.

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