MARIE CURIE: You may have heard the names of many people in life who will do great things despite being on the brink of poverty. It is not as if Allah has given them two minds. they just didn’t panic over the troubles and worries and remained steadfast.  He proved that the one who remains steadfast, Allah Almighty will surely reward him with success. Maria Sklodovska, a girl from a small Poland town, did just that. She went on to become known as Marie Curie.


At the age of 19, he began tutoring and began living his life.  She started teaching a ten-year-old girl from a rich family.  The girl’s older brother became interested in her. The girl’s older brother became interested in Marie Curie.

Marie Curie was also attracted to him so he decided to get married. But when the boy’s mother found out, she looked up. she grabbed Marie Curie by the ear and brought her to the porch. She gathered all the servants and started shouting. Look at this girl who has only one frock to wear, who has holes in the soles of her shoes, and who gets good food only once in 24 hours. She wants to be my daughter-in-law. All the servants laughed and the woman closed the door and went inside. It was as if someone had poured a bucket of acid on it. Break his self-esteem.

Willpower OF-Marie Curie

She felt a sense of humiliation and decided to stand on the porch. She will earn so much honor and fame in her life that the whole of Poland will be known by her name. She came to Paris from Poland. She went to university and began studying physics. She studied for 20 hours a day. She had no shilling of money, no electricity, gas, or coal in her room, and she was cut off on icy nights. When the cold became unbearable, she would take off all her clothes, lie down half on the bed, and cover herself with half the clothes.

Even then, if she had not lived, she would have dropped all her books, even her chair, on top of herself. For five whole years, she ate nothing but dry loaves of bread and butter. She would faint, but when she regained consciousness, she would reassure herself by declaring her fainting as sleep.

One day in class she fainted, the doctor said after examining her. You need a glass of milk instead of medicine. She married Perry, a scientist at the university. “The scientist was a poor man like him. At the time of his marriage, his total assets were two bicycles.

She reached her Ph.D. during the same period of poverty. Marie Curie had chosen a very interesting subject for her Ph.D. Decided she would tell the world why uranium emits light. ‘It was a difficult but impossible task, but she overcame it.

During her experiments, Marie Curie discovered an element that produces 200,000 times more light than uranium, and its rays travel through everything in the world, from wood, stone, copper, and iron. He named it Radium. It was a huge explosion in science. People asked for proof of radium. He agreed and Marie Curie took a dilapidated wall that had no roof or floor and melted iron in it for four years.

The couple alone melted 8 tons of iron and obtained pea-sized radium out of it. “These four years, whether it was summer or winter, they landed on their bodies. But she continued to work. She did not give up until the whole of science fell at her feet.

It brought the message of life to millions of millions of radium cancer patients. What we call radiation therapy today was Marie Curie’s invention. The girl was the only scientist in the world to have won the Nobel Prize twice in her life. “30 films and hundreds of books have been written on her life, which is why science students today take off their hats when the name Poland is mentioned.”

The world knows this poor Poland girl by the name of Marie Curie. When the world offered Marie Curie billions of dollars for this invention, she flatly refused.

I will give this discovery only to a company that will treat an old Poland woman for free he said. Yes! The wealthy Poland woman who once grabbed his ear and took it out was diagnosed with cancer and was on the verge of death.

Marie Curie died in 1934 at the age of 66 year

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