Wooden Floor / Tips to Match Your Wooden Floor with Wall Colours

WOODEN FLOOR: The flooring, as well as the wall colour, are the two significant parts of any room of the house that acts as a base for the overall colour scheme. Wood flooring is although most traditional but still the most charming option for your home. It comes in dark, medium and light tones. You can find light and smooth wood floors. With the colour variations as well as the matte and textured option with mattress is found. Which gives them a lot of power.

Choosing the right wooden head to match your floor to the wall color can be a daunting task. Except you have some tricks. So, without any further ado let’s take a look at some tips to match your wooden flooring with your wall colors like a pro!

How to Match? Wooden Floor

  • While building or renovating a space, you have the opportunity to choose the wood items as well as wall colours at that same time. 
  • IF you have already set either of these than they become the basic parameters for the rest of the choices.
  • At times it becomes easier to pick your favourite wood floor or wall colour and then find the match that brings about all the charm of the items that you fell in love with at the very beginning.

Dark & Light Contrast

Tips to Match Your Wooden Floor with Wall Colours
  • If you are planning to get the visual impact for your space, there is nothing better than matching the wood flooring with the wall colour in dark and light contrast. 
  • Light wall colour stands out against dark flooring while light flooring brightens up space with the dark wall colour. 
  • Floors and walls with different tones highlight both as disparate features of the room.

Tip: Choose a medium wood floor. Because laying a very dark or very light floor makes dust and dirt easily visible. Be it traditional wood flooring, herringbone engineered flooring, or any other type of flooring. 

Something Neutral / Wooden Floor

  • Neutral wall colors are not merely a flawless set up for any décor type, but they’re also the best match to virtually any floor finish. 
  • White, grey, cream, and taupe are some of the most popular neutral wall tones. 

Tip: Go for natural wall tones as a backdrop to present home furnishings, accessories, and artwork with more flair.

Choose Complementary Shades

  • The colour circle makes it easy to find flooring and wall colour that looks fabulous with one another.
  • When you look at the colour circle, the colours arranged directly across each other are considered to be complementary. 
  • Floors with pink undertone look pleasing when paired with wall colours in the light green family.
  • This is quite fun & modern way to pair your wooden floorings with wall coverings

Consider Existing Furniture

  • The furniture and artwork that is already in the room can be of great help for you to choose the color combination. 
  • Take inspiration from the wooden tones featured on your furniture and go for similar tones for your flooring. 
  • The pieces that you already love, use them and pull colors out of them to use as the foundation for the design of that space.

As we have already mentioned, walls and floors are two important parts of any room surface. So make them as attractive as possible by choosing colors that look attractive against each other. With the color of the right walls and the flooring in place, any space is ready to get textured and styled with accessories, furniture, area carpets, and artwork. 

Hardwood floors aren’t the only way to display wood tones in your home. Oak Laminate Flooring offers the same look at comparatively cheaper rates.

Happy Renovating peeps!

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