BMI Calculator: Want to lose weight properly?

Not Afraid of heights, Afraid of widths!!

KNOW YOUR BMI: People nowadays are dying to be slim just because they want to look beautiful. Some people say exercise is the best option to lose some extra pounds. While some people believe to decrease the amount of food they take these two are the most popular methods for any newbie fitness freak. It will show you different types of signs.

But does this help? The people who chose a healthy diet option after sometimes lose their control and start to eat what they like. So as a result, they lose their weight loss progress. And become disheartened while soaring of muscles during exercise becomes a challenge for any newbie which results in discontinuing the fitness routine.

Losing those extra calories that not only becomes the hurdle between you and your beautiful self. But also the reason for your poor health is a challenging matter if you don’t know the proper method.

Whenever you visit a trainer or instructor the first thing. The trainer wants to learn is your BMI. BMI (Body Mass Index) is the indication of that extra fatty layer you have after knowing your weight and height.

Different factors including age, muscle-fat ratio, height, sex, body fat distribution, and body shape affect how much I should weigh concept. Here we are referring to height by explaining about BMI.


To know BMI is not a big deal you just need to divide your weight (kilograms) with the square. Also, keep an eye on the index.

Of your height (meters) and boom. You got the number which will tell you whether or not you lie in a safe zone from any risk of diabetes, hypertension, etc.


As indicated by the national institute of health (NIH):

·        Underweight person: BMI <18.5

·        (A) Ideal weight: B MI 18.5-24.9

·        (B) Overweight: BMI- 24 -29.9

·        (C) Obese: BMI >30

After knowing your BMI level you know about your current status according to the weight which indicates what method you should choose to successfully achieve that fitness goal.

BMI level indicates what you should do like some people have ideal weight but their body needs toning. If they don’t know about their BMI level there may be a chance. They will choose the wrong way for fitness and this may end up. Becoming underweight which is also a high risk of diseases as you lose your immunity.

The same is the case with an overweight or obese person. If they don’t know about their BMI level they don’t know how much they are at risk.

The healthy BMI will help to eradicate the risk of heart diseases, stroke, developing some form of cancer, controlling non-insulin-dependent diabetes optimizing the immune system. Read more How you can manage your daily stress

Being a fitness freak is not a bad thing if you know the proper recipe for fitness. The proper recipe includes the knowledge of your age, height, and certain other factors which may improve the chances of achieving your desired body.

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