What is an E-commerce Sales Funnel?

Sales funnel is a process of converting your business prospects to potential customers. In terms of e-commerce marketing, sales funnel is an online process.

As you might be aware of the term, digital marketing, an e-commerce business operates digitally. Hence, all its marketing is done digitally. Digital media involves websites, mobile apps, social media, and other digital platforms.

For an e-commerce business, different digital media platforms are selected for marketing purposes. The selection depends on the business model. It depends on the type of business and its customers. For instance, let us assume that you own a grocery store in Toronto, Canada. You are looking to convert your physical store to an online store to save rent and other fixed costs. You have planned to introduce your e-commerce store. The first step will be to develop a website and market it on different social networks where your target audience is more likely to interact.

These e-commerce digital marketing services can be outsourced or built in-house. It all depends on your budget. However, it is best assumed to render it from the digital experts so that you do not have to worry about the technical aspects of your business.

Having said that, now you have your e-commerce business website, where all the products are listed with complete details. This website is now your shop where, each customer will land into, go through the available products, select his desired products, add to cart, and pay online. This whole process is part of e-commerce marketing.

E-commerce marketing is different than traditional marketing. This requires digital expertise to market your products online. For this purpose, the sales process is also different and needs to be optimized digitally.

What is an E-commerce Sales Funnel?

Optimize Your E-commerce Sales Funnel:

Just like any other business, you need to attract your target market to your online store, enhance their decision-making process, change their perception, and convert them to potential customers.

This involves the AIDA model.

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

For an e-commerce business, an AIDA model is slightly different as it needs to be implemented digitally.


Awareness is the process of making your brand name popular among your target market. They should be aware of who you are, what do you do, and how they can benefit from you? To optimize your brand awareness online, you need social media assistance to promote your business where most of your target audience is.

Social media marketing is part of digital marketing. It is a vast field. You can promote your brand on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can run YouTube ads along with other social media ads to make your brand name appear in front of your target market.

This will lead to more traffic on your website. This should be your KPI or key performance indicator. This will tell you about your awareness campaign success for your e-commerce store.


The next step involves making your prospects more interested in your e-commerce store. Customer’s interests are subjective. However, when a consumer is looking for a grocery store, they may be interested in getting an online experience instead of visiting the store physically.

Furthermore, sharing your product’s images highlight your product’s varieties may make him more interested in visiting your website’s product page to make a purchase or learn more about the products.


When a person lands onto your product’s page, it is more likely to convince him to purchase it online. This is a good lead. You should consider this as another KPI and plan your next strategy to make this lead into your final customer.

But how to do so? Whenever there is a visitor on your e-commerce product page, your website should show him other related products as well so that he might be willing to purchase them as well. Showing related products according to his searched terms, keywords or previous purchases is the most effective sales strategy that aids in sales conversion.

This also updates the customer about the variety of products available on the e-commerce store. You can persuade him to buy now by offering a limited sales offer, a discount voucher, or a discount on bundled products. This will boost his desire to purchase there and then.


The last stage is to convince him to make a purchase. For that, a call to action is a must. A call to action can be in the form of a tagline, caption, order now button, or a number. This can be anything that makes the prospect to take any action to buy the product. Therefore, it is recommended to call CTAs or appropriate positions. They are suggested to be placed in positions that are easy to see while browsing. Web developers have command over such designs, you can take assistance from any e-commerce digital marketing agency that can help you optimize your sales funnel efficiently.


Hence, it can be concluded that e-commerce marketing is somewhat relative to traditional marketing but differs in implementation. Everything needs to be improved for the e-commerce business to drive sales results and web traffic. This can only be done with e-commerce digital marketing services.