What is Deafness? Symptoms, Causes, Treatments in 2021

Hearing the sound is one of the most essential five senses. It is also called hearing loss, and it has different levels through which we can categorize deafness into different types. We have seen some people that are not able to listen to the voices and speeches accurately. Some of them may ignore the sounds of their surroundings because their ears do not respond to the sound, and their mind does not feel any voice signals.

Today, we are going to highlight some health issues and diseases related to hearing sense. The focus is on deafness, and we’ll discuss some symptoms, causes, and treatment of deafness to give you awareness about the problem.

What is deafness?

Deafness is a type of hearing loss, but both of these terms are not equal. Another term used in this regard is hearing impairment. When we talk about hearing impairment, we mean a situation where a person has fluctuated hearing abnormalities. The person may listen to an amplified sound only or is not able to listen to the sound.

Such people, when focusing on a specific sound or when hear the sound by changing the position of the ear, can improve the hearing sense, but still, they cannot hear clearly. Such persons feel problems when they are listening to somei=one. They try to get help with the movement of the lips of the speaker.

This type of hearing impairment may also be seen when the patient has many sounds around it, and he may not focus on the particular sound of the speaker. For such problems, these people need a hearing aid so that they may hear the voices.

On the other hand, deafness is a disease where the person cannot hear or sense any sound. No matter how much amplified is the voice or the position of a sound source, they cannot listen to anything. Such persons cannot even hear a single sound, and the brain of these patients cannot feel the sound. Such persons have the only option to try to understand the listener with the help of lips movement.

Symptoms of deafness:

For hearing loss, different types of factors are involved. Some of them are responsible for mild hearing loss, and some are for permanent deafness. Some of the most common symptoms of hearing loss that we observe in our daily life are given next:

Some people feel deafness permanently. They are not able to hear any kind of sound. This is the symptom that the person has been deaf for their whole life. This situation can be sensed before when you see the following symbols in your ears.

Many times, the symptoms of deafness depend upon the cause of the deafness. Some people are deaf by birth. They are not able to hear any sound when they are born. This can be inherited sometimes.

Stages of Deafness:

The deafness is not limited to only one type. Some states define the situation of this disease. Here, we are discussing the staging of deafness so that one can have a perfect remedy.


Such a situation occurs when the surrounding sounds are a little bit louder than the source’s sound. At this stage, the person is not able to hear the sound above 29 disables.  Above this, the [erson cannot listen to the sound, and this condition is a stage of deafness.


In this type of deafness, the person can hear the sound just in the range of 40 to 49 decibels. Above and below this range, the person is deaf and cannot listen to the sound.

Severe stage of Deafness:

Over time, the range of hearing sounds of the deaf person lies between 70 decibels to 89 decibels. This is a very narrow range. A person is unable to hear a sound other than this range.

Total Deafness:

This is the final stage of deafness, and many of us think it is the literal situation of deafness. Unfortunately, in this condition, the patient cannot hear any kind of sound in any range.

Different techniques identify such stages, and then the treatment is recommended. Such problems are common in our surroundings.

Causes of Deafness

The causes of deafness are not always related to the ears. It may seem strange that other organs are also responsible for this type of disease. Some of the causes that you were not considering but affect the ears are listed below:

Mumps is the cause of deafness. These are not only related to the neck but also the ears.

Sickle cell disease is also the cause of deafness that is the disorder of genes, and it may affect your ear hearing.

You will be amazed to know that diabetes is also the cause of deafness. It is not a common cause, but we have seen many cases where such a disease may affect your hearing power.

Treatment of the Deafness:

Fortunately, there are many treatments available in the market that are effective in this regard. The ENT specialist has different types of medicines through which they deal with this disease. Some crucial treatments are given next:

Hearing aids are the most straightforward way to have the treatment. There are many types of hearing aids that are effective in improving hearing.

Cochlear implantation is another way to deal with this disease. Nowadays, it is less risky due to modern techniques.

Sign Language is a comparatively tricky treatment. It is for those who have a very low possibility to have their hearing power again. It includes lips reading and sign language.


Frequently Asked Question about deafness:

Do the hearing problems have solutions?

Yes, there are many treatments, including surgery and infection persisting techniques useful for the treatment.

Out of all, what is the easiest way to treat this disease?

According to the researchers, the most common way to deal with deafness is the hearing aid.

Is there any connection between deafness and speaking?

Yes, deafness also affects the speaking power. It depends on how much time a person has passed with this disease.


There are many solutions to such problems. With the advancement in technology, people are receiving the proper treatment at appropriate times for their deafness. A big hand behind this is the internet and technology. On the internet, you can have the basic information and the treatment procedures at the platforms such as Marham. They have the best doctors and consultants that are working in many fields, including ENT. For instant help and treatments, you can check the ENT Specialist Islamabad.

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