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What is Google shopping “How it Works in 2021”

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What is Google Shopping?

Do you have a business and are you trying to understand how to take advantage of online for greater visibility? In this article I will talk about what Google Shopping is, how it works and what advantages it brings to approaching the galaxy of Google platforms that includes Shopping. In the post Promote a Facebook page. Is it worth it? We’ve already talked about how to use Facebook to promote your business. Meanwhile, what is Google Shopping? It is a constantly updated showcase, which shows users the most relevant physical products compared to the research done. The results shown, containing images, are more engaging than the text ads and search results we are used to, Google Shopping is a search engine dedicated to products. It allows you to advertise the products of your online catalog and your point of sale for free and for a fee, to increase the traffic of your online shopping with tk maxx discount code and local shop and find more qualified leads (contacts) : that is, potential customers involved and therefore more likely to conclude the purchase. This is because the user can view images, descriptions and insights even before clicking. So you save a navigation step. For e-commerce this can have a positive impact by improving the conversions of users who conclude a purchase. what-is-google-shopping-1

How does Google Shopping work?

Let’s better understand how Google Shopping works. It is activated when the user performs a common search on Google showing product data sheets at the top of the text results page and in addition in a dedicated tab. The products are arranged next to each other, so that they can be easily compared and show:
  • An image of the product with title, description and characteristics;
  • The link to the product page to buy from
  • The name of the retailer / shop
  • Info on shipping / delivery, for example if it is free or how much it costs;
  • Any reviews
Google Shopping relies on AdWords to create and manage advertising campaigns that show products to customers and on Google Merchant Center to fuel campaigns with items for sale. It is through Google Merchant Center that you need to upload the products you want to sell, after being enabled by Google as an official seller once you have verified that:
  • you have a site you own where the products are available to be sold directly;
  • the conditions of sale and return are clearly stated on the site;
  • the legal requirements for the collection and storage of users’ personal data are respected, in compliance with current regulations.

Once these steps have been carried out, you can activate the display of offers for your products in Google’s free product sheets . This way you are giving users the ability to see your products not only on Google Shopping but also across the network of different engine properties, including Search and Google Images, Google Maps and Google Lens.

Once the list of products has been created, the seller decides whether to advertise them all, or only a part, through Shopping Google Shopping works thanks to a feed, which is nothing more than a .csv file that lists the products of the catalog structured according to the specifications provided by Google, which therefore does not use phrases and keywords indicated by retailers as in the case of Google Ads.

The search engine, coding the information provided by the retailers (loaded catalog products, site and offers) will automatically decide when to show the products with respect to searches made by users. This is why it is very important to provide data that meet the required structural specifications.

Google Shopping costs

In response to the spread of the pandemic, Google has made Google Shopping features accessible and free to offer tools to support merchants in difficulty. The more mischievous also add in response to Amazon’s erosion of market share.

Set up free product listings on Google

Appearing in the free Google Shopping cards is very simple. Once the feed has been uploaded, the products will automaticallybe  visible for free  in the Online Shopping tab, What you need to do is register on Google Merchant Center and fill in the fields:
  • Free product cards to show detailed product information to customers looking for your items on Google platforms. Just send a .csv file (feed) following the instructions provided by Google and activate this feature from your Merchant Center account.
  • Free local product listings to showcase your locally available products in free listings. Thanks to the product sheets, buyers will know if the product they are looking for, accompanied by price and availability, is available at your store in the immediate vicinity. By adding opening hours, directions to reach your store, a telephone contact you can make your offer even more effective.
  • Google Shopping costs are based on clicks. You define a daily budget and set a Cost per Click (CPC) bid as is the case with Google Adwords.
  • Those who want to sell online therefore have a new way to reach new customers, which offers various opportunities for growth and development.
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