2021 Strange What is Penoplasty for what are the possible Interventions?

While some surgeries are well known to the general public, others are less well known and yet are the subject of hundreds of requests each year from the medical profession. This is the case with plastic surgery on the genitals and especially with male attributes with Penoplasty.

What to know about Penoplasty?

penis enlargement surgery is an operation that consists of enlarging the penis (in width) or lengthening it.

How to enlarge or lengthen the penis?

Several methods are possible, requiring surgery or not. One of the first means is the injection of hyaluronic acid which will have the effect of swelling the limb in a lasting way. Originally hyaluronic acid was also used in other skin surgeries for its filling, moisturizing and protective properties of the dermis.

In terms of expected results, you can expect around 2cm in length and 1cm in width (the acorn also thickened). Penoplasty has no other function than that of a revision of aesthetics. Therefore, it will not affect sexual performance, nor will it cure other ailments such as premature ejaculation (the effects are more positive than anything else).

This stretch is very noticeable when the genitals are at rest. In erection, penis enlargement is theoretically undetectable. In all cases, this cosmetic surgery must be closely be supervised by a professional doctor and performed in a specially prepared office. To learn more about Penoplasitis.

Is penis enlargement surgery a consequence of society?

In a hyper-sexualized society, the size of the male penis is still too often considered the quintessential attribute of male virility. If we often talk about the pressures exerted on women, men have different pressures: not showing their emotions, appearing strong in all circumstances, and “having a big one” as the popular expression explains. .

Consequently, this penis size-induced masculinity can lead to complexes in less gifted men. Beyond the modesty that would push them not to change in front of a third person in the sports locker room, this can also have consequences on the sexual life of these men. Their blockages cause them to delay the moment of sexual intercourse with a new partner and create stress that can lead to other consequences (erection problems, etc.).

Before doing a Penoplasty and to avoid disappointment, you must therefore take into account that the size of your penis will not grow in a revolutionary way. The volume will certainly have increased tenfold, but again of several centimeters is not possible.

What are the possible cosmetic procedures for the genitals?

Although less well known than breast rhinoplasty, breast surgery, or facial procedures to mask the effects of age, there are other genital surgeries.


Intimate surgery is a very complex and delicate surgery seen and considered the area of ​​intervention.

Furthermore, for men, the length of their penis has always been a very important issue, on which they have always based their self-esteem.

Augmentation Phaloplasty

Increasing your penis size WITHOUT the aid of prostheses is possible with the intervention of phalloplasty or penile lengthening. It is a very delicate and easy surgery performed in the hand of an experienced surgeon.
Penile lengthening surgery consists in “cutting” the suspensory ligament of the penis that joins the penis with the pubis.
In this way the part of the penis located inside (which has an average of 7cm) will stretch outwards, going to gain an average of 3-6 cm more. To block the sectioned ligament, so that it does not return to its initial position, after healing, special suturing methods will also used.
Together with this intervention, it is also possible to perform liposculpture together (see next paragraph).


Many men can have a penis size problem. It is possible, in fact, to have adequate dimensions in length, but with a deficit in diameter.
Also in this case it is possible to intervene, increasing the diameter of the penis by means of liposuction in two areas: in a donor area and in the prepubic area.
In this way, you will have enough fat to perform a penile lipofilling by increasing the diameter and eliminating the accumulation of fat from the pubic region which visually makes the penis smaller.


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