Do you know what a gaming PC is? and WHY ARE GAMING LAPTOPS SO EXPENSIVE?

What’s so special about it? Which makes it unique from other computers? The general definition is that it does not go bad even when people who play games use it ruthlessly.

At the same time, it gets the nickname of Gaming PC when it comes with some extra features.

Why are gaming laptops so expensive?


The big problem with laptops is that everyone has to deal with it

 Who uses a laptop that laptop is hot.

Which has a very negative effect on its performance?

Due to its large PC size, it has a lot of space, and it has an air outlet so it doesn’t get too hot.

In contrast, gaming laptops face a lot of heat because of their performance as well as being slim and smart.

Excessive heat on laptops is the biggest problem, especially in gaming laptops, where one also experiences high temperatures with the possibility of better performance. For this reason, manufacturers have developed laptops that are not overheated and have twice the performance of a normal PC or laptop. It’s called a gaming PC.

Manufacturing process

If we talk about making gaming laptops better than PCs, we can say that PCs are very easy to make due to their large size and the fact that we don’t have to take PCs anywhere. Need PCs can be made at home, which is called a custom PC.

Although gaming laptops are manufactured in a complex and expensive environment, their small size with PC specs makes gaming laptops very expensive. Gaming laptops can’t be like desktop PCs at home. They have to be well-prepared from the start, so for this purpose, manufacturers have to invest more.

The special small and slim design of laptops and other features that apply to gaming laptops are very expensive due to the high manufacturing cost of making the laptop a completely different device from the PC.


The brand is also very important. A particular premium brand can cost a little more because of its quality, premium products, customer support, popularity, and many more features.

For example, the gaming market has a special reputation and respect for brands such as Alienware, Asus, Razor, and a group of others, so these brands are usually more expensive than gaming laptops. This could be one of the reasons why gaming laptops are so expensive.

Sometimes it happens that a simple brand makes a better gaming laptop than a popular brand, but the big brands already in the market do not give it a chance to come forward.


Another big reason why gaming laptops are so expensive is that the graphics cards of different brands installed on the laptops, such as NVIDIA or AMD Radio.

Both cards have some features that make the price difference and affect the price of the laptop. For example, NVIDIA cards don’t have as much heating, but laptops that install AMD-dedicated graphics cards may have a heating problem.

Because of this small feature, the price may vary in different laptops, I just mentioned an example, there are many other features that are good in NVIDIA but not in AMD graphics, and some cool features there are those in AMD but not in NVIDIA graphics cards.

Battery performance

The battery is the backbone of any gaming laptop. The biggest brands may have to run away from the market due to a bad battery. That’s why manufacturers invest more in batteries. This is one of the reasons why the price of gaming laptops has gone up.

That’s why in a gaming laptop, a large battery can be a factor in making it so expensive. There is a difference between a normal laptop battery and a gaming laptop battery.

Because gaming laptops have to use a lot of power because of their glasses. A better battery than a normal laptop should be installed. Due to the large battery, the price of gaming laptops can also increase.

Gaming Laptop Vs Desktop

Another factor of gaming laptops being expensive is that they give you a desktop performance in a small size that you can carry with yourself anywhere you want.

You can connect a gaming laptop via HDMI to any other big gaming monitor or Television. And can experience gaming on a bigger screen. So if you are getting what you are getting on a desktop gaming PC in a small size, then defiantly, it should be expensive.

Lack of standardization

One of the main reasons why gaming laptops are so expensive is the lack of standards. With desktop PCs, most components are synchronized and interchangeable with the overall form factor and assembly structure being the same. However, with gaming laptops, the design, configuration, thermal solutions, and overall engineering depend largely on the manufacturer. Therefore, the cost of developing a gaming laptop is quite high.

Although they look very different from desktop computers, gaming laptops actually feature similar components. Like desktops, laptops also require RAM modules, a CPU, GPU, a motherboard, and so on. To save space, however, laptop components have much smaller form factors than their desktop counterparts.

Laptop components are smaller in size and in most cases a little weaker than those used on desktops. The decrease inefficiency is not the fault of these components themselves but is due to the low clock speed and voltage to prevent overheating.

These smaller components often feature a custom PCB to fit properly – which is also customizable. Laptop CPUs, for example, rarely fit into a socket. Instead, they are soldered or fitted directly to the motherboard. The same goes for laptop GPUs. In addition to the time and resources used to make a gaming PC, all of these factors contributes to its production cost and overall high selling price.

Thermal Solution

Implementing a good cooling system is a subset of the engineering phase; however, it is one of the most important aspects of spending so much on gaming laptops. Engineers must design the overall chassis, component configuration, keyboard, touchpad, as well as an adequate cooling system to ensure that the components of the gaming laptop stay close to the maximum temperature. Or stay close.

Thermal throttling (low efficiency due to excessive heat) is common in these portable computers. Less space inside the laptop makes the components more responsible for causing more heat problems.

In this sense, even with the latest, highly efficient components, a properly cooled laptop can suffer from performance problems and even damage.

To address this issue, manufacturers should develop cooling solutions to reduce the excess heat emitted from high-powered components of laptops. These cooling solutions, however, come at a premium and usually add to the final price of the laptop.

Take the Asus Zephyrs gaming laptop, for example. It is an ultra-thin gaming laptop engineered to provide not only excellent performance but also excellent cooling. Therefore, the cost of designing and manufacturing such a laptop is much higher than the cost of developing a gaming desktop PC with similar features. Another great example of an intuitive cooling system is Razor’s vapor chamber cooling solution.


Gaming laptops offer the best in both worlds: the sheer power of a desktop computer combined with the capabilities of a laptop. However, this is a potential problem for many manufacturers. These companies invest a lot of resources in engineering and manufacturing good-quality gaming laptops.

Therefore, along with the cost of each laptop, customer support also adds value to the final product. However, if you are a gamer who runs regularly, a gaming laptop may be the right choice for you. Who knows A match before a presentation of Rain Box Siege may need to calm your nerves.